~ Day Forty Seven

My 27 Thanks~

1. I am able to take B to work with me when needed.

2. I have a good setup for her to play and sleep in my office.

3. She is such a good girl.

4. I worked ahead and got a video done.

5. B still takes long naps. This is handy when she’s at work with me.

6. I have friends who make me laugh.

7. Laughter is a good medicine.

8. Memories that last forever and make me laugh all over again.

9. Email. I’ve been able to talk wo my cousin overseas.

10. She and I have lots of good memories to share to keep her spirits up right now.

11. Our grandparents old house. That’s the place that as kids we made so many of those memories.

12. Cousins. I don’t have siblings. They were there for me to play with.

13. My cousin and I are 5 weeks apart. It’s nice that we are so close in age to relate to one another.

14. Gods protection over her right now.

15. Her husband. He is a brave man to take care of their kids by himself while she is gone.

16. He’s a good support for her.

17. I got free pizza for lunch. Thanks Pastor Steve!

18. I got a free Dr. Pepper.

19. When things go chaotic in life, In always reminded that God is in control.

20. I can run to the Lord when I need a quiet place.

21. The Fall weather is nearing!

22. The Fair starts today!!!

23. Corn dogs and lemonade.

24. Jared was able to find $1 entry fair tickets!

25. God is doing great things at Harvest Church.

26. God always makes a way.

27. My Lord loves me so much.



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