~ Day Forty Six

My 28 Thanks~

1. I had a good time in worship this morning on the way to work.

2. Jared always tries to make my mornings happy.

3. He gives me space in the mornings because he knows I’m not a morning person.

4. Pastor Steve helped me out big time and took down banners for me at the church.

5. Ms. Joyce has a willing heart to come in and register our attendance for us.

6. Jared had a good lunch meeting today.

7. The Lord guides our steps.

8. After waiting and being patient, I finally received something I have been waiting on for over a year!

9. Frisco plays so well with Brooklyn. Even when she pokes his eye. We try to avoid that though.

10. I had a good amount of time to just play with B after work.

11. We got to color! I love to color! More then her right now.

12. She got to use glue for the first time and enjoyed glueing google eyes on her paper.

13. She made a neat coloring sheet. It actually looks like a grasshopper!

14. I made different drawings to help her in learning her animals.

15. She is memorizing more and more colors!

16. I got to sit out back on the porch in the nice weather.

17. Brooklyn and I have some good laughs with googly eyes.

18. I get to cuddle with my Frisco boy.

19. My friend just found out they are having another boy.

20. Jared made some good contacts at a meeting tonight.

21. My mom isn’t feeling well but we have a God that heals.

22. The healing that is already taking place in her body.

23. Medicine.

24. Frozen Snickers.

25. We got to help our cousin Tabitha with her dog shelter donations.

26. Dog shelters!! They save some sweet pooches.

27. We rescued our Frisco boy.

28. Grasshopper drawings.



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