~ Day Forty Five

My 27 Thanks~

1. I was able to get some good housework done before work this morning.

2. Jared made me some hot tea for breakfast.

3. Brooklyn had a good breakfast.

4. She cuddled with nana this morning.

5. Frisco is enjoying this cooler weather.

6. We all are enjoying this cooler weather!!

7. My aunt made it back safe from her Paris trip.

8. My mom watched B for me while I was at work.

9. B and nana had some quality time together.

10. I had patience with B today when she was lacking patience 🙂

11. God is teaching me more and more how to respond with a patient heart with Brooklyn.

12. Her hair is totally rad.

13. She knows how to twirl like a ballerina. She definitely didn’t learn that from me.

14. Her daddy gets down on the floor and plays with her. Not all daddies do that.

15. She is a good mommy to her baby doll. I think she’s gonna want to be a helper to mommy when we have another baby down the road.

16. She gets excited when good things happen to our baseball team 🙂

17. She’s going to be a great fan.

18. I have the money to send a care package to my cousin overseas!

19. I had fun putting the care package together. She needs some trick or treat candy for Halloween time!

20. Jared created a really cute Tulsa themed card for her. I’m always amazed at how creative he can be when it comes to artsy fartsy stuff.

21. We had a ton of fun chasing baby girl around the living room tonight.

22. We all shared a center of the roll. It’s the center part of the cinnamon roll. I didn’t even know that existed as being sold like that! It made my day.

23. I love cookie cake. Every time I would go into Reasors and see their cookie cakes I always thought to myself “man, I wish they would make individual slices for sale”….. Well lo and behold!!!… I walked in tonight and there before my eyes I saw individual slices for sale! God knew my heart. It’s the little things 😉

24. The yummy delicious dinner we all made tonight.

25. We’ve had the time the past two nights to make extra special dinners.

26. I got my ring cleaned today.

27. I have an awesome man who gave me an awesome ring.



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