~ Day Forty Four

My 28 Thanks ~

1. I woke up feeling rested.

2. The service schedule went smoothly.

3. I have gained a new volunteer for the media team.

4. She has a servants heart.

5. She already knows the software so there won’t be much training involved.

6. The second GirlCode video was a success.

7. Mark is taking a bold step and starting a great men’s bible study that focuses on the sexual temptations that men face.

8. Men like Mark who have a heart to bring this topic to light in the church.

9. My mom flew in today!

10. B loves it when her nana comes to visit.

11. Mom arrived safely.

12. Her ears were stopped up bad from the flight but they slowly released.

13. We got to hang out with our friends, Kristin and Eden again.

14. Kristin had a lot of cute clothes for her showing.

15. B got some cute clothes!

16. Kristin gave me some cute shoes!

17. Mom and I had some good conversations.

18. B was a very good girl while we shopped.

19. I get so many laughs when she runs through the house yelling “nana! Nana! Nana!”

20. We finished the Game Plan sermon series. It went really well.

21. A great person won the grand prize.

22. We made some yummy tacos for dinner.

23. Jared made some yummy tomatillo salsa.

24. I had some good help clearing off the stage.

25. Jared’s meme got us a new rug for the living room.

26. Jared cleaned up the kitchen for me.

27. The fair is so close to being here!!

28. Chocolate fried Oreos.



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