Wedding Days ~ Day Forty Three

Today Jared and I had the privilege to attend two weddings. Each wedding had its own unique style to it. Different colors, different location, different crowds, different vows. But the one thing that was the same at both weddings was the contract that both parties signed today. These two couples came together to unite into a forever marriage. Til death do them part.
Sitting in a marriage ceremony is always an enjoyable experience for me. It gives me excitement for the new couple. And I love performing marriage ceremonies. I put my heart into because that is what I require out of the couple, that their whole heart is in that marriage.
I remember standing at the alter with my future Mr. Snider. I can remember the sweat pouring from everyone’s brow. Not because they were nervous for us, but because it was 108 degrees outside and we had the brilliant idea to save money and get married outside in July. ( Thanks again to anyone reading this and getting sweaty seat butts with us).
I love looking back on that day. Our wedding was a blast. We remember details that people told us we wouldn’t remember. So when I sit through a wedding ceremony I feel that excitement with the couple. Tears well up in my eyes. It’s the official first day to the rest of their lives. They have the choice to work hard at it or let it fail. My prayer for every wedding I sit through or perform is that each couple will always set aside pride for humility. That love will conquer fear. That kindness will overtake a harsh thought. That no matter how fat the other person might get, that each one will still see them as the young buck they first married. Beautiful, inside and out.
Marriage is a brilliant gift from God. Don’t waste it!

My 27 Thanks~

1. Marriage.

2. I waited for an amazing man of God.

3. I have the privilege to perform wedding ceremonies.

4. I find such joy out of performing weddings.

5. Jared and I teamed up to do a wedding a few months ago. It was so much fun.

6. The opportunity to do ministry with my husband.

7. I got to go to the zoo with Jared and B this morning.

8. Daniel, Kristin and Eden joined us at the zoo!

9. It was awesome weather.

10. The animals were pretty active.

11. We got some cute pics of the girls.

12. Both girls enjoyed the morning.

13. It’s always great to spend time with my best friend.

14. We got to watch Ashley and Sam say their “I do’s”!

15. Their wedding went very well.

16. Ashley looked very beautiful.

17. Baby B got to go spend time with my in laws so we could go to the second wedding.

18. I got a fantastic nap today.

19. Jared and I made a pretty cozy pallet on the floor.

20. Blake and Devon said their “I do’s”!

21. We had fun at their shnazy wedding.

22. It was a beautiful evening for their outdoor wedding by the lake. It wasn’t blazing hot ( like ours ) 😉

23. I got to take home some of the cutest drinking glasses from their wedding as a gift.

24. We had some yummy food there.

25. We got to catch up with Jareds friends from his law school days.

26. We had fun conversations.

27. We get to hang out tonight, just him and me. 🙂



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