~ Day Forty Two

My 28 Thanks ~

1. I love my little girl so much.

2. B has such a sweet heart.

3. She listens so well.

4. She is learning how to listen more and more.

5. She is growing in so many ways.

6. I had some quality time with my man today.

7. We had some good conversations.

8. We all ate breakfast together.

9. I made some yummy smoothies.

10. I was able to get some decent housecleaning done.

11. Jared helped me out with laundry.

12. Jared isn’t afraid to do housework 🙂

13. I got to talk to a friend in another country.

14. B makes me laugh.

15. She has such a good humor about her.

16. Her funny faces.

17. It was my 10 year high school reunion this weekend!

18. The memories that I have from high school.

19. I graduated high school.

20. I got to see some old friends and catch up.

21. We all had a lot of fun at the football game!

22. I got to see some favorite teachers.

23. Jenks won the football game! Woot woot!

24. B loves football games! She has so much fun at them.

25. She got to hang with her friends Benjamin and Eden!

26. Jared now realizes how cool Jenks is 😉

27. The weather was perfect!

28. I have a blessed life.



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