~ Day Forty One

My 27 Thanks~

1. I hear the voice of the Lord over the chaos that Satan tries to speak over me.

2. My heart knows the truth of the Lord.

3. This morning I knew to focus on God instead of the lies Satan tried to tell me.

4. A friend texted me a good word. She had me heavy on her heart.

5. Her prayers proclaimed over Jared and I.

6. My heart began to soften over the day.

7. God believes in me even when I feel I can’t do something.

8. A strong heart.

9. My precious relationship with my Lord.

10. The Lords leading.

11. I am promised a prosperous future.

12. My cousin sent a picture that she’s got a great smile in. She’s still overseas fighting for our country. I’m glad she has a positive spirit about it. She is having to be away from her 2 girls and husband.

13. I talked to a girl who has helped me sign up to help with a golf tournament that supports a great non-profit.

14. I get to be a part of supporting Sower of Seeds.

15. My mother in law watched B so I could get some good work done.

16. The excited feeling I have knowing that I get to spend my day tomorrow hanging out with my favorite little girl!

17. Shout out to Sandra D!! She is a constant supporter of my blog and has such sweet things to say. Thank you for the love Sandra!!

18. Ginger J, thank you for your support!

19. Renae had a great baby shower tonight!

20. Even though Krystle just had her wisdom teeth taken out she is such a trooper and still put on the baby shower tonight.

21. Renae is having a girl!!! It’s only the 5th child after 4 boys! That little girl is going to have some awesome protection around her.

22. Renae got lots of great stuff.

23. So many giving people came to celebrate baby S.

24. Brooklyn went to sleep even though she didn’t have her favorite stuffed animal. Not having that is like not having coffee. It’s just not a good idea.

25. B watched baseball with daddy and cheered on the Rangers.

26. I got to sing her to sleep while she cuddled next to me.

27. The weekend is near!!



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