~ Day Forty

My 28 Thanks~

1. The moon is pretty and so bright on our drive tonight.

2. Rangers baseball is broadcasted on the radio.

3. Brooklyn has lots of giggles tonight.

4. She did pretty good at dinner. It’s hard for a toddler to sit still at a restaurant.

5. I woke up not feeling 100% but I felt much better within a couple of hours.

6. I had a little bit of time to go shopping! But I didn’t actually buy anything. Lol

7. I saved money by resisting all the cute clothes. Lol. I gotta look at the positive 😉

8. Jared had a good meeting.

9. He’s learning so much from his partners and associates.

10. God has placed Jared in a firm where he has so much room to grow in.

11. The partners are Godly men.

12. Even though we had to leave, we had a great time with friends.

13. Hudson cried when he found out Brooklyn had left him. Not thankful that he cried, but thankful that they are building a friendship at a young age and miss each other.

14. Brooklyn and I had fun in the Disney store.

15. We got to see big fishies. B loves fishies.

16. I love to hear B say “shishie”. (Fishie)

17. Our friends have a great new home.

18. They have a guest room for us to crash in.

19. We have had safe travels back to Ttown.

20. The in-laws watched our pooch for us.

21. B does well in car rides.

22. B enjoyed her first chocolate milk today.

23. The chocolate milk that showered our car didn’t stain anything.

24. We met up with some old friends for dinner.

25. It was great catching up with them!

26. It’s great to talk to friends who have a same absurd passion for baseball. Even if they are Cards fans.

27. The restaurant barely messed up our pizza so they decided to make us another one. We wouldn’t have even noticed the mess up. So we got extra pizza to eat tomorrow!

28. Pazookies. They make me dance in the streets.



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