~ Day Thirty Nine

My 27 Thanks ~

1. I had some great morning conversations with B and J.

2. Jared and I were able to spend some good time together.

3. We went to see my old college campus.

4. SAGU!

5. Seeing professors that poured into me.

6. Showing Jared the spots that hold so many good memories.

7. Walking on Collins front lawn. That lawn holds some awesome football plays and touchdowns.

8. Jared made some connections with people.

9. I got to see an old friend that works there.

10. He hooked us up with some free stuff!

11. B now has an official SAGU tshirt. Represent!

12. The privilege to attend a Christian university.

13. The education that I received there.

14. The funds to go there.

15. The lessons God taught me while I was there.

16. The university is growing so much. They are at capacity in students.

17. Donors who give to the university. They help make dreams a reality.

18. Jared ate with me at my favorite England flair pub restaurant by the campus.

19. We got to stop by our Rangers stadium. Maybe they will start winning more games for us now that we have graced the stadium with our presence 😉

20. B got a Dallas Cowboys shirt!

21. Jared had an excellent potential client meeting last night. We are believing for Gods best.

22. I got to minister to a young woman.

23. God has a plan even when I don’t see it.

24. Our awesome friends who give us a good time while in Texas, even if it is a work trip.

25. The friendship that B and H are forming at a young age.

26. Funny conversations.

27. Gods promises.



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