~ Day Thirty Eight

My 27 Thanks ~

1. We all arrived safely to Dallas.

2. We all had a good nights sleep.

3. Brooklyn got to spend time with our buddy Hudson.

4. She and I got to hang with Aunt Christie and do work.

5. Laptops. They let me take my work outside of the office.

6. The laughter I am having from editing the next Girlcode video.

7. Brooklyn and Hudson played ball together.

8. The kids took long naps so Christie and I could get some good work done.

9. I had a delicious sandwich for lunch.

10. I had good conversations with Christie.

11. Jared had a great team building meeting today.

12. He heard some powerful words.

13. He received some encouraging words.

14. We have the power to speak life over ourselves.

15. A positive word makes a big difference.

16. Jared has great leadership to follow at his firm.

17. He got to make a good “war plan” for his business.

18. He got to come home early.

19. We got to play with B together.

20. Jared and I both are good at racing toy cars. Brooklyn is learning from the best.

21. John made some excellent hamburgers.

22. Even when the kids are screaming, we all find laughter out of the situation.

23. Christie made some excellent cookies.

24. We have amazing friends who step in to fill the roles of aunts and uncles for little B.

25. Good late night talks.

26. Best friends.

27. It was a good day for a Monday.



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