~ Day Thirty Seven

My 28 Thanks ~

1. We had a good service this morning.

2. The Girl Code video was a hit.

3. New volunteers.

4. People with giving hearts.

5. A good leadership team.

6. The staff support.

7. We gave away some great prizes.

8. A great man donated another great giveaway. He has a very giving heart.

9. One of our church attendees has good connections to get us some more giveaways!

10. We have some great teenagers who are willing to help around the church.

11. Pastor Steve wore an awesome 1980’s Harlem basketball outfit to add some excitement to the giveaways. I think he made some new lady friends with those short shorts 😉

12. I had a woman in the church speak life over me today.

13. She prayed and proclaimed success over Jared’s job.

14. Power of praying people.

15. People who believe in lifting others up with their words.

16. My confidence is found in the Lord.

17. I have Jared by my side.

18. Cathy and Veronika came in to reshoot their video.

19. They were understanding about the audio troubles.

20. Understanding hearts.

21. Friends who let us stay at their house dr extended periods of time.

22. Cains. It’s some good chicken.

23. Dr.pepper to help Jared and stay awake on road trips.

24. A toddler who sleeps so well in the car.

25. Jared and I can talk anything out.

26. My promising future with my family.

27. Music to rock out to in the car.

28. A safe vehicle to travel in.



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