~ Day Thirty Six

My 27 Thanks~

1. Biggest news of the day…. I got a bullseye in darts today! Woot woot!

2. Jared took care of B while I was at the church working.

3. I finished Sundays video.

4. I decided to test the video out today instead of tomorrow in the sanctuary. SO glad I did because the video wasn’t working properly. I would have had a minor panic attack if I had found that out tomorrow.

5. I had extra time to make revisions to the video.

6. The video played correctly the second time around.

7. Brooklyn has figured out how to Skype nana on the iPad. Smart little cookie.

8. I heard from my cousin late last night overseas.

9. She is safe despite the bombings that have been happening lately.

10. Tango. Not the dance, but the app. It allows me to call or facechat anywhere without wifi for free.

11. Jared took care of a ton of laundry while I was working.

12. Jared works as a team with me in getting things done around the house.

13. He isn’t a hard headed male 😉

14. Brooklyn loves to wrestle with me.

15. OU won today!

16. I helped out a friend by referring someone to her business.

17. I got the chance to help another friend connect with an honest person to help her around the house with some stuff.

18. We got to eat at Chick-fil-a tonight! I love me some Chick-fil-a!

19. Cathy Truett. He’s making a difference in the world.

20. Chick-fil-a is so family oriented.

21. The company has solid biblical morals.

22. They have table covers for babies to eat off!

23. We got to celebrate a little girl turning one!

24. B had fun at the little tikes gym.

25. She could hang on the bar all by herself. She was so proud. The look of achievement in her face was awesome.

26. She is learning more and more about how to be patient.

27. Brooklyn.



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