~Day Thirty Five

My 28 Thanks ~

1. It’s Friday!

2. Friday is my day off so I got to get some rest.

3. B slept past 9:30am!

4. I got to watch Friday morning Mickey Mouse with B.

5. Watching B make pillow forts.

6. Hearing B talk.

7. Hearing B’s Chinese gibberish.

8. B’s medicine is working well.

9. We got to eat lunch with my father in law.

10. My lemon pepper fish tasted real good.

11. B is starting to gain more of a grasp on what obeying means.

12. Obedient children. 😉

13. We got to sit and rock in rocking chairs.

14. This weather!!!! It was such a nice night.

15. The Lord protected B when she fell and nearly busted her head on the garage floor.

16. Jared and I had a fun late night watching a movie last night. We felt like young whipper snappers again staying up that late.

17. Blanket pallets. They make a movie so much more fun.

18. I was able to help someone with a favor.

19. Jared helped rescue my gma out of a pickle she got herself into. That’s why I married a lawyer. I knew I would need someone to bail my grandma out of trouble.

20. Jared and I got some good quality time together.

21. My father in law watched B tonight while we went to a bonfire with the young adults.

22. We had a blast at the bonfire.

23. S’mores. My all time favorite dessert. Give me a mallow, graham and chocolate and I’m a happy camper. No pun intended 😉

24. We got to play some intense volleyball. I love to play sports.

25. We brought a new frisbee game which was a big hit. Who knew throwing frisbees at a plastic can could be so entertaining. I’m convinced that some redneck drunks with red solo cups made up this game.

26. We had some hilarious conversations.

27. I am blessed to have fun friendships with our young adults.

28. The fire pit was going strong!



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