~ Day Thirty Four

My 27 Thanks~

1. My eyes are still open to accomplish my work at the church.

2. The video for Sunday is coming along good.

3. I’m getting some good laughs from this video.

4. Ladies older than me have fun with my silly video interview questions.

5. I booked a woman with an awesome testimony for our women’s retreat next year.

6. I am surrounded by some phenomenal people.

7. We have a passion to see lives changed for Christ.

8. Had a good convo with a director with a non-profit that informs people about the human trafficking issues in our world.

9. Men and women who are beating the streets to rescue women in human trafficking.

10. Passions in hearts to fight human trafficking.

11. Plans are becoming bigger and bigger for women’s ministry!

12. My friend Becky helped me out with getting some items at a lower cost for women’s conference.

13. Dr. Pepper right now cause its keeping me going through video editing.

14. My mother in law is pushn the clock with me tonight. Late hours at el Iglesia.

15. Jared helped me out with some work stuff.

16. Brooklyn didn’t totally panic when she went to the doctors today.

17. People who are willing to spend years and years in school to become doctors. Just not the thing for me.

18. She will be better soon.

19. She’s not in pain anymore.

20. I have a good friend who is a great supporter in my ministry.

21. Our hearts have the same passion which means we make a good team.

22. Kevin from church brought by some awesome giveaways! He’s got a great heart.

23. I got to talk to one of my Texas sisters today. She and her hubby are big blessing to open their home to Jared, b and I in our work travels.

24. I get to see my nephew soon! I’m really pumped about that.

25. I got to tell someone about the journey we are on right now. I really like telling about Gods leading in our lives.

26. Ashley from church received some good wedding shower gifts.

27. I’m now home and get to spend a little time with my man.



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