~ Day Thirty Two

My 27 Thanks~

1. I had some extra time to accomplish laundry folding before work. I feel so productive when I’m able to get a little housework done before work.

2. Jared made me coffee!

3. I felt a peace come over me when I obeyed Gods voice today. I don’t know the reason as to why He is telling me to wait on this decision but I do know I obeyed. That’s what matters.

4. I learn from past mistakes.

5. God is a gracious God.

6. My past mistakes don’t define me.

7. Eskimo kisses.

8. Receiving Eskimo kisses from my Brooklyn.

9. I am able to text message friends in far away countries.

10. My cousin and I are able to email each other while she’s overseas serving our country.

11. She has a great attitude for being gone during her daughters bday and missing family.

12. Freedom of religion in my country.

13. All the men and women who fight for my freedom.

14. We had a very productive staff meeting today.

15. Exciting things are ahead for Harvest Church!

16. I have been on staff at Harvest for 3 years now!

17. God’s been good to our family during our time there.

18. Baseball is still happening!

19. Jared makes me laugh at his TV yelling because of the Rangers losing. I try not to laugh to loud.

20. I had a yummy dinner tonight at Cracker Barrel. I feel like a barrel now.

21. Grateful the in-laws took us out.

22. We got to Skype with my momma today.

23. She gets to see how Brooklyn is developing through live video.

24. B is a constant source of laughter.

25. God loves to hear our laughter.

26. He tho me my laughter is beautiful.

27. God is straight forward with me and makes me laugh sometimes.



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