Surface Level ~ Day Thirty One

I promise that tonight I didn’t just look around the room and point out things at random and say that I’m thankful for them or love…. ” I love lamp. I love carpet.” No. I was seriously thinking about my day and how most of the time I take for granted the “simple” things in life. Those simple things aren’t so simple or easy to have for others in this world. So tonight, I don’t mean to sound surface level. I truly am grateful for these things that I am blessed to have in my every day life.

My 28 Thanks~

1. Air condition. God bless the man or woman that invented it.

2. Mattresses. And we are spoiled to so many comfort levels!

3. My cars. Because I’m not very good at walking.

4. My house. It is a great shelter.

5. Pillows. Lord forbid we lay our heads on the mattress.

6. Electricity. Because my hair would look like a caveman’s without my dryer and straightner.

7. Toothbrushes and toothpaste!!! There would be some stank up in this world without them!

8. Toilet paper. Enough said.

9. Tv. It’s a tool to speak out the gospel all across the earth. And to watch Rangers games in Oklahoma 🙂

10. Phones. They were a tool to develop my communication skills with Jared when we were long distant dating.

11. Music. It’s my favorite connection with God.

12. Disposable Diapers. Sorry to all the parents who are trying to save the world with their Eco-friendly reusable diapers. The worlds gonna come to an end sometime anyways.

13. Internet. I can gain information so much quicker than walking to the library. Remember, I don’t walk. Or run for that matter. And if you ever see me running, you better run too. I’m probably being chased by a bear or something. Or running down the hill after my donut.

14. Camera phones. I can capture on the spot moments.

15. Photoshop. It is my best friend in editing.

16. Skype. I get to see my friends and family who live far away!

17. Heaters. I am blessed to stay warm in the winter.

18. Hammocks. If you read my “Hammocks” blog, you know my love for them.

19. Microwaves. They make my life easy and fast.

20. Washing Machines!!!! I own a washboard. It’s called “decoration” in my laundry room.

21. Dryers! I love wrapping up in a warm towel.

22. Sprinkler systems. Mine just came on 😉 I’ve got a black thumb when it comes to my lawn.

23. Soap. Everyone should have some. Someone should do the whole Toms shoe thing but for soap….for every bar of soap bought a bar of soap is donated. Hmmm….

24. Deodorant. Same principle as the soap.

25. Books. They take us into a new exciting world.

26. Braces. They helped make my teeth into the teeth they are today.

27. Sports. Because I am a gold medal in beating Jared!

28. Most importantly……… The Word of God sitting beside me. Words can’t describe how wonderful it is to have the most powerful book in my hands to learn from. Thank you God for your written word.



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