~ Day Thirty

My 27 Thanks~

1. I have been doing my blog for one month! Seems unreal that it’s been that long.

2. I have found joy in writing this blog.

3. The lives that have decided to have a more positive outlook on life from reading 10,000 reason blogs.

4. The support Jared gives me in writing this blog.

5. My heart is more full.

6. My heart is blessed.

7. It’s easy to find my daily thanks.

8. The support from friends.

9. Even in things like frustrating technology, God hears and answers my prayers when I ask him to keep the computer running in the sound booth. I think it’s time for a new computer. 🙂

10. A man from the church blessed us with fresh garden veggies!

11. We had a great attendance in church today!

12. We got to have lunch with our friend Nancy.

13. Brooklyn got in a really long nap.

14. Our video for the upcoming women’s conference was a fun to make.

15. The ladies who helped us film were funny and did great.

16. Erin for helping with the video.

17. Yesterday I was wanting a certain pair of jeans, so I asked God for them at a price under $10 and guess what?!?!? I found them for $7.50!! Even in the little things He cares.

18. We found some good hair products for B to tame the mane. She’s not even 2 and we already have to style and primp her hair. Oh boy.

19. Passions. We all have at least one.

20. I got to wear my Cowboys jersey for our Game Plan sermon series. So comfy.

21. The worship team. They sacrifice Sunday nap time to learn and practice new worship songs.

22. The new upcoming worship songs! Can’t wait to sing my Gods praise!

23. The Cowboys might pull off a win.

24. Chips and salsa. Mmmm.

25. My friend Lesley. She makes my life fun.

26. Duck Dynasty. We don’t watch it much but I’m thankful for that family.

27. My beautiful life.



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