~ Day Twenty Nine

My 28 Thanks~

1. Brooklyn woke up in a great mood.

2. I woke up in a good mood 🙂

3. I got to start my day off with a refreshing women’s conference.

4. I had some really good laughs today.

5. The powerful testimony I heard of Gods grace.

6. Melissa. She has a powerful testimony that made me cry.

7. Melissa is allowing God to use her past to help other women.

8. We got some cute giveaways!

9. The worship was really good.

10. You could feel the Holy Spirt moving.

11. I learned some new worship songs that I really liked.

12. God is doing a good work at Woodlake.

13. I met some great ladies.

14. I made a new friend.

15. Jared had a daddy daughter day.

16. Jared watched B for me so I could get poured into.

17. B got to ride the carousel with her daddy .

18. Worship music. I love connecting with God through it.

19. I made some great connections with other women leaders.

20. I have a great meeting in the works that I’m looking forward to!

21. I gained new excitement for our women’s conference in March!

22. Women who are willing to give unselfishly of themselves to the church.

23. Creative women! They make the world a prettier place.

24. Jared is teaching the band new worship music! Did I mention I love worship time?

25. Jared was the bomb diggity and let me take a nap while he watched B.

26. My husband is so unselfish.

27. I am free to worship the one true God.

28. My God reigns alone.




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