He Said, She Said ~Day Twenty Seven

Tonight is a unique night of Thanks. Jared will be making a guest appearance and we will be writing OUR Thanks together. Because what he is thankful for, I am thankful for too. Even if it’s regarding football. So here goes. You never know what to expect…

OUR 28 Thanks~

1. Jared is so thankful for his faith.

2. J’s family.

3. J’s friends.

4. J is so thankful that he traded for Peyton Manning in his fantasy football league about five minutes before opening kickoff. 5 passing TDs. Praise God.

5. Lindsey is thankful for the coffee Steve made at work this morning. It was greatly needed.

6. L loves that Jared recognizes when she needs a loving discussion to calm my concerns.

7. L loved the family outing to Steak & Shake tonight. Cheap great hamburgers and shakes. MMMM.

8. L loves that Steak & Shake gives awesome activities for kids to do at the table. It keeps a rambunctious toddlers attention a little longer.

9. J is thankful that he and L have great lines of communication.

10. J is thankful that he and L can laugh at the same things, just like they did on the night they first met…even when anyone else on the planet wouldn’t find any humor in it.

11. L had fun with J and B at Bass Pro Shop.

12. Brooklyn got to see the big fishies.

13. J is glad Brooklyn has great eyesight. She can see far-away planes in the sky and always points and gets excited. I

14. J is thankful for technology. It doesn’t make life easier as much as it creates opportunity for time to be more productive.

15. J is thankful for a good family dog, even when said dog chews two of Brooklyn’s toys in the same day…

16. L is thankful that Jared didn’t kill said dog when he discovered him chewing on Goofy.

17. L gives thanks to Jared’s warm legs. They warm her cold toes.

18. J is thankful that fantasy football is scored live online instead of having to calculate scores by hand like guys did back in the 80s. Those guys were pioneers. Trailblazers, I tell ya.

19. J loves when L wears her hair curly. Everyone who reads this should tell her how pretty she looks with those bouncy curls. 😉

20. J loves ‘merica! God bless it!

21. The laughter that L is experiencing due to J’s thanks list.

22. Brooklyn’s fuzzy, I mean, curly hair. – L

23. L is thankful that B’s vocabulary is expanding each new day. Hearing her say “mom rocks” will come soon.

24. J am thankful that AT&T makes those commercials with the kids in the classroom. J laughs every time. And J is an AT&T customer, so hurray for warm fuzzies for tech products on TV.

24. J is thankful that he has had the chance to meet so many great people in his life. Love seeing how connected we all are and how small this world really is.

25. J is thankful for a comfortable bed to sleep in. Sleep…

26. L gives thanks to her dad for the love of football he instilled in her. Without it, L might be very bored.

27. L loves her husband.

28. J loves his wife.



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