Reactions ~ Day Twenty Five

I earned my high school degree. I earned my bachelors degree. I earned my pastoral credentials. Combine all those smarty pant degrees and they couldn’t even touch the life lessons I have learned in 21 months of being a mommy. Never have I asked myself this question SO MANY TIMES….. “How am I going to choose to react to this situation?”.

I know you moms know what I am talking about. It’s that moment when your kid throws his bowl full of spaghetti on the floor in protest over the cookies he would rather eat. It’s that time when you are in the candy aisle of the store and your are literally dragging your toddlers kicking and screaming body like a sack of flour to aisle 7, thinking about the next karate move you are going to subside when you reach the cereal aisle. It’s those minutes that you sit in a restaurant trying to figure out what your screaming baby wants, as strangers stare at you like you just LOVE the sound of a whaling baby in a 10×10 echo chamber…. “Why yes sir, I did come up with this AWESOME plan to ruin your night, have baby diarrhea explosion all over me, and strategically place spit up all over the seat. You nailed it. You caught me.”

It’s in these moments that I have asked myself nearly every time….. “how am I going to react to this situation?”. I have to be honest. When I first had my daughter, I was an emotional mess. I about had a nervous break down the first time I went out in public with her. Of course, that first time shouldn’t really count and I was stupid for even doing it. Who goes to the mall 1 week before Christmas to take pictures with Santa!? I did. I was surrounded by crazy drivers, looney shoppers, and screaming children. That was a bad life decision. My reaction to that question when I first started out with my daughter was often answered with stress and frustration. I had a lot to figure out with her. It wasn’t an overnight thing that I got to a place where I was happy with my answer to that question. I failed a lot in responding with a “happy” answer and I figured out something along the way….we have all failed as mothers. It’s not just me! Yay! None of us are perfect. At many points in our lives we have reacted to our kids in a way that we may have regretted. Our reactions could have been a little more soft. A little more understanding. A little more filled with love. The key is to not look back on those moments of “failure”. The key is to look to the future and decide what we are going to do to make our reactions filled with the things we desire our kids to have. Love. Peace. Understanding.

I am beginning to come to a place where I am starting to react to that question in a way that I am more proud of. One thing that helps me is asking myself this…. “how would Christ respond to Brooklyn?”. I can’t look at it and ask “how should I react?”. If I do that, I, being Lindsey, may listen to that little ugly voice and just give in to that negative feeling. But when I think about my God who loves my daughter more than I can ever imagine, who wants to see her succeed, who wants her to grow into an individual who loves on people and treats them the way He would…. I know that it has to start with me. I have to be the example to her in how I respond to the not so fun behavior. In those moments when she is throwing a tantrum (or doing her little indian dance is what we call it) I am learning to look into her eyes and ask myself “how would Christ react to you?”.

1 Peter 2:21 “For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.”

My 28 Thanks~

1. God is teaching me about grace. I have a toddler. Enough said.

2. The Lord is so patient with me.

3. Gods grace over me.

4. I have placed my life in the Lords hands.

5. I belong to the highest King there has ever been. How cool is that!

6. Everything I have is His.

7. I had the privilege to earn a bachelors degree

8. I went to a great university.

9. Some of my best friends and sisters in Christ were made in college.

10. I graduated high school.

11. My 10 year high school reunion is this month! Go Jenks Trojans!!! Sorry Sandites 😉

12. Jared booked some more great meetings.

13. The Lord is showing himself in his promises with Jareds job.

14. I got a lot checked off of my to do list at work.

15. We are planning ahead farther than we usually do at work. SO HAPPY about that. I’m a planner.

16. I had a friend start her own 10,000 reasons blog. It’s neat to see others getting involved when God lays it on their hearts to do it. I pray endurance over those folks.

17. Someone sent me a scripture that was great to hear today.

18. It’s my meme’s 81st birthday today! That’s a whole lot of wisdom there.

19. For girls who dress modest and strive to live a pure life.

20. For guys who strive to live a pure life.

21. The man that God has picked out for Brooklyn. Prayer began before Brooklyns existence for that future man.

22. Brooklyn waves at people in the stores. I love that she can bring a smile to strangers.

23. We got to celebrate with meme for her birthday.

24. Jared and I can talk things out. Communication in a marriage is so very very important.

25. I got to hang out with B on a swing by the river.

26. Sunsets.

27. A wonderful house to come home to.

28. An amazing family to come home with.



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