~ Day Twenty Four

My 27 Thanks~

1. My brain actually let me sleep in today.

2. B was with her grandparents so Jared got to sleep in too!

3. I woke up to breakfast in bed.

4. Jared fixed a delicious breakfast.

5. My husband is so thoughtful.

6. I am treated like a treasured gift by Jared.

7. We had fun with our late night date last night.

8. We got to see a good movie.

9. I made a good old school jam playlist from my high school years…. “What a girl wants, What a girl needs…”

10. Got my toes did. Technically, I did them. But I’m just glad my toes look good now.

11. I got to try 2 new recipes today that I found on where else but Pinterest!

12. The 2 dishes came out purty good. Can I get a shout out for Red Lobster cheese biscuits! Mmmm

13. Tulsa has a pretty downtown skyline.

14. My cousin is safe. She barely missed an attack on her base overseas.

15. We got to spend some fun time with family tonight.

16. My dad cooked up some good dove and deer steak. Bambi tasted good.

17. Brooklyn and I got to chase some ducks.

18. Brooklyn makes the best faces. Especially when the ducks don’t do what she wants them to do.

19. She likes to play football just like her momma. Which means she gonna crush the competition. 😉

20. The weather was great for back porch sitn.

21. The long wknd.

22. A job to go back to tomorrow.

23. A friend helped me out with a registration process for a women’s conference.

24. Brooklyn discovered the awesomeness of a water gun. That could be a good thing or a bad thing.

25. Jared asked me to go pick out glasses with him. This is a miracle.

26. I have a good life.

27. I’m blessed and highly favored.



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