~ Day Twenty Three

My 28 Thanks~

1. Jared is my reminder some mornings that the day is going to be a good day. I’m not a morning person so sometimes I’m not miss peppy pants in the morn.

2. Today was one of those mornings that he reminded me. Thanks babe!

3. It’s church day!

4. I finished up some last minute details for the stage in time.

5. My pennants stayed put in the sanctuary.

6. The computer didn’t crash during service.

7. I have a good “behind-the-scenes” crew.

8. The spotlight worked just the way we wanted it too. Thanks Caleb for helping with it!

9. Pastor Steve did a good job playing Rocky today.

10. He made people laugh.

11. Pastor sermon was good. Teaching on our game plans in life.

12. We got to wear jerseys to church!

13. I love wearing my Rangers jersey!

14. Jared looks great in his Nolan Ryan jersey.

15. We had the night off to catch up on some relaxation.

16. We got to eat lunch with both of Jared’s grandmothers.

17. I love mazzios salad bar. I got to feast on that.

18. Brooklyn took a long nap through lunch. It made eating for us a lot more simple.

19. The church is active and busy!

20. I had multiple opportunities to exercise my God given patience with a super fussy toddler after lunch 🙂

21. After the fussiness, I got to tickle B relentlessly. Hearing her laugh is so much fun. Even if I have to tickle her to get it out.

22. Frisco and B are buddies.

23. B is to young to realize that two of her fish have died this week. Dodged that bullet.

24. B got to spend the night with her meme and papa.

25. Jared and I got to hang out together.

26. Jared let me rest at home while he took B to the grandparents. I needed that rest.

27. Baby Austin was dedicated today.

28. An ESPN sports writer retweeted a Rangers pic of Brooklyn today. Fun stuff!



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