~Day Twenty Two

My 27 Thanks~

1. All 3 of us actually got to sleep in today! So glad B slept late.

2. I got good sleep.

3. We all had a yummy family breakfast together.

4. Jared cleaned out the Tahoe. That’s great cause it smelled like stank.

5. I had the time to clean up the house.

6. We were able to bless a family today.

7. Brooklyn got to ride around in her wagon.

8. Jared cleaned up Frisco boy.

9. We got some fun giveaways for the sermon series.

10. Leftovers for lunch. I’m not the hugest fan of them but I’m thankful that I have extra food to eat.

11. I didn’t have to cook something up for lunch!

12. Brooklyn is talking more and more.

13. It’s a 3 day wknd!!! Woohoo!!

14. I got to talk with my friend Lindsay today. We were roommates on college.

15. My sweet friend Tambour got hitched today!! Congrats T$!!

16. Boomer Sooner!!!!

17. OU wins!! Ok, I’m counting my win early. So hopefully I don’t jenks this 😉

18. We watched the game with my in-laws.

19. They cooked some yummy hamburgers.

20. We get to wear jerseys to church tomorrow! Really pumped about this. Which one should I wear…. Hmmm.

21. I have great family to spend time with.

22. My cousin Jamie. She gives of herself to protect our nation. She left today for Afghanistan. Please keep her in your prayers.

23. Raelisa made some yummy yummy banana bread.

24. I got a great compliment on my blog.

25. The support of friends and family.

26. Family who believe in me.

27. My mother-in-laws coffee.



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