Our Church Family Little Buddy ~ Day Twenty One

So I have this little friend who goes by the name of Ashton. He is a real cute guy. Wears great clothes. Makes sweet smiles at me. And I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me. Did I mention that Ashton is 1 year old? Yeah, I know he likes everyone but this little guy is pretty special to our church family.
You see, about 11.5 months ago, he was in desperate need of a miracle. At two weeks old, he was taken to the ER where the doctors discovered he had bleeding on his brain. In the middle of that night, the doctors performed emergency surgery to bring a fix to Ashton’s body. We sat in the waiting room with his parents, family, and friends for several hours through the night praying our hearts out for a miracle. For several weeks, Ashton was in the hospital while family and friends were sending up desperate prayers for a miracle. As each day passed by we were very aware that this little guy might have extensive brain damage, or even worse, leave us from this earth. Yet though we were aware of the “science” the doctors told us would be a strong possible outcome for Ashton, we believed in a higher power to turn his future around. Day and night people prayed for Ashton. Prayers were going up in several different continents. His parents had an overwhelming peace that could only come from the Lord. Doctors started coming in amazed each day by the great progress Ashton was showing. They were double checking things because the progress was to good to be true. But we as believers in Jesus Christ knew that a great work was taking place. A healing was stirring inside of his little body. By the end of his stay at the hospital the doctors were in shock by the miracle that took place. Of course, they would never admit that a miracle had taken place, or they were at least skeptical.
Fast forward to today. Ashton is performing so well on his therapy “homework”. The doctors still stand amazed at how well he is doing. In most cases, a child would have brain damage and have difficulty functioning. But Ashton is our little miracle. He is a smiling, bubbly, happy little boy. He is my little buddy. Celebrating his 1year old birthday tonight brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of how good our God is. The miracles that he performs. The peace that He pours out amidst a tragic situation. He loves us SO much. Thank you Lord for Ashton’s miracle. I know you have an amazing plan for Ashton.

My 27 Thanks~

1. Ashton. He is a miracle.

2. Ashton’s parents. They love him so much.

3. Ashton has a fighters heart.

4. Miracles.

5. Ashton turned one! Exciting to celebrate his precious life.

6. He got some fun gifts.

7. Jared got a great haircut today.

8. We finished the church decorating for the sermon series!

9. Jared and Teresa helped me out a ton with decorating.

10. We had some more tickets donated as giveaways!

11. Brooklyn belly laughed at cartoons today. I loved it!

12. I got some good cuddle time with B this morning.

13. We got to Skype with my mom today.

14. My friend Kristin made it safe to her destination.

15. Jared had a good lunch meeting with a friend.

16. Pastor Steve helped me get some football gear from the high school.

17. Realisa and Joyce came up to the church to learn a new attendance software. They are great volunteers.

18. Jared and I didn’t fall off the ladders tonight.

19. My in-laws got us dinner tonight.

20. My dinner was scrumptious.

21. I got to talk to my dad a little tonight.

22. I got to cuddle with my Frisco boy.

23. My cherry limeade from Sonic tasted extra great.

24. My father-in-law bought my drink for me.

25. Jared loves me and thinks I’m a sexy mama. (He requested that I say that. I don’t turn down a dare. Unless it involves spiders. I don’t do spiders.)

26. Jared makes me laugh.

27. Jared laughs at himself.

And here’s my little buddy…..



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