~Day Twenty

My 28 Thanks~

1. I met a need for someone today.

2. I didn’t get lost when I took a friends son to school.

3. We were on time 🙂

4. I got a free smoothie today!

5. My mother-in-law took care of B today for me while I was at work.

6. I discovered an easier way to label all of the sports equipment for our sermon series.

7. I got some good ideas for stage setup.

8. Brooklyn is back to 100% today!

9. It’s my mom and stepdads 10 anniversary today! Happy anniversary mom and Kurt!

10. Mom got a new matching band for her wedding ring. Very pretty.

11. I got to eat some yummy sushi for dinner.

12. One of our church members is donating a great gift to our visitor ministry.

13. That same man called today and wanted to give beyond what he originally said! God always provides.

14. I got to talk with a former pastor I worked for.

15. The church plant I helped establish in Dallas is turning 5 years this coming month! So excited for them.

16. Jared and I get to make a video as a part of the celebration.

17. Jared helped me decorate the sanctuary.

18. He surprised me by doing a big chunk of the work for me. (He’s actually pretty decent at decorating!) sshh…. Don’t tell nobody 😉

19. I got to hold baby Austin today! So cute.

20. It’s so great to see how our young adult group comes together to help others.

21. The relationships that are being built between our young adults.

22. Jared killed a spider for me. Or a grasshopper. Either way, it’s dead.

23. Football season has begun!

24. I found a lady that gave me FREE club seat tickets to a sport event! I was wanting some to use them as a giveaway.

25. The Rangers are at the top in their division!

26. We have a Dollar Tree by my house now!!! This is magnificent.

27. Brooklyn and I had a fun time wrestling and tickling in the bed fort.

28. B has perfected the duck lips.



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