The Acorn ~Day Nineteen

Let’s all think about an acorn for a minute. It’s small, It’s a brownish color and it wears a funny little hat. They fall from trees and annoy the crud out of our lawns. They typically hack me off because my dog likes to choke on them. They like to be mischievous and roll wild in my garage. My daughter has also sampled one or two on occasion. These little acorns are typically a nuisance around my house. So today when Jared and I decided to dig out the weeds in our dirt beds, I somehow received a new take on these pesky little acorns. Just to clarify, I call them dirt beds because I’d be kidding my self if I called them flower beds. There’s no flowers in there. It’s more like a flower graveyard. Flowers go there to die. Flowers that have ever gone in there always meet their Maker sooner than they should.

So back to these little acorns…. for years I have never really grasped the concept that when an acorn falls from a tree there is the possibility that the acorn could bury its little self under the ground and make something of itself. I knew that trees obviously have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is a seed. But today it was like it hit me all of a sudden when we were digging up weeds and throwing acorns out of the dirt beds….. these miniature brown seeds with funny looking hats have the chance to grow into something huge! This little acorn (let’s call him, George) falls from a tree and waits to see what happens. George may have the grand opportunity to be eaten by a squirrel, my dog, or my child. George could be carried off to some dry land somewhere and never make anything of himself. Yet George could also become a mighty acorn tree!

As we dug around the dirt beds we noticed that we had two little Georges that had somehow managed to sprout and were on their journey of becoming giant oak trees. As I watched Jared try to pull them out of the dirt beds, we began to see that their root systems were super deep into the ground. So deep that there was no way we were going to be able to get them out. There was this 8ft “tree” that was developing in my dirt bed and it all started from a tiny little acorn on the ground. This 8ft tall inspiration began to tell me a story. It was a story about how something so small actually believed in its self, enough to begin a journey to grow into something big, powerful and deeply rooted. I was reminded that no matter how small I may have felt at times or insignificant in my life, I have a God who cares so much about my me and who I become. I have a future so big and powerful, I just have to take root in the Lord and believe that I can make something mighty out of myself.

God gave me an acorn today to remind me that I have such a great future ahead of me. He has made plans that I can’t see right now but I know I will reach that 8ft. height and more if I continue to take root in Him and believe in myself. It’s like the story of the mustard seed in Matthew 13:31-32… “the kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field. Of all the seeds it is the smallest, but when it has grown it is the largest of the garden herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and find shelter in its branches.” I LOVE the story of the mustard seed tree. It amazes how something so small can grow into something so big.
So in all of that….. If little George can do it, so can I. I guess acorns hold a special place in my heart now.

My 27 Thanks~

1. Acorns aren’t as hateful as I thought.

2. God uses little things like acorns to tell me a parable.

3. Trees. I love trees. They tell me stories about God’s creativity.

4. God is such a creative God.

5. I had some good prayer time today.

6. Shane and Shane. I am so glad they write and sing the music that they do.

7. Worship. It is my favorite part to a service.

8. I love the way God speaks to me through worship songs.

9. The mustard seed tree. It is a fabulous tree that grows from the tiniest seed to a large, beautiful tree.

10. I can praise my God any time that I want.

11. I have a voice that can sing of His love.

12. I find so much joy when I praise Him.

13. Jared received some some supporting words from his firm today.


15. I am not concerned with Jared and his job performance. I am so blessed to have a man who works hard and has integrity.

16. I received more sports equipment today for our series. The stage is going to look great.

17. We had time to get the mulch put down in the dirt beds.

18. Jareds meme gave us some yummy garden veggies.

19. Jared and I got to relax in the hammock.

20. Brooklyn is so much better today!

21. I got some good progress done on our womens conference.

22. My best friend Charity had a good report on her dad today.

23. I received an encouraging word from my best friend Kristin S. about my blog.

24. I read a funny/encouraging blog today from another woman. I enjoy reading others blogs.

25. The Lord has given a promise to Jared that I know He will fulfill. He is a God who keeps His promises.

26. My Frisco boy is cuddled up with me.

27. My peaceful moments with The Lord before I go to bed.



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