~ Day Eighteen

My 28 Thanks~

1. Brooklyn got 13 hours of straight sleep last night. That was great because she’s been sick.

2. She had a fever but no tummy sickness!

3. Extra cuddles today with B.

4. We had a productive meeting about the upcoming women’s conference.

5. The ladies on the planning committee have some great ideas.

6. Baby Austin was born today!!

7. Austin is healthy and so is Ginger.

8. My college friend Laura had her baby boy!! All odds were against Laura having this baby. He is a miracle.

9. I got invited to lunch with friend from the church. Couldn’t make it, but always glad to have an invite!

10. Brooklyn’s fever broke this afternoon!

11. My best friend Kristin J. sent me an encouraging scripture this morning.

12. She has an exciting trip to Burma planned to see one of our close friends.

13. Jared got some encouraging news from work.

14. Jared’s firm partners. We are so blessed Jared has Godly men to learn from in the corporate world.

15. Taco Tuesday!! We love making tacos on Tuesday nights and hanging out as a fam.

16. I got an awesome groupon today for one of our favorite hamburger places.

17. I got to go on a nice walk tonight.

18. B needed to get out of the house for a few so we had mommy daughter time during our walk.

19. B loved riding in her new wagon.

20. Pastor Jeff helped me out in moving some stuff for me at the church. I think he knew I was dealing with a sick child.

21. I made some awesome chocolate frosted brownies! Mmmmmmm

22. B and I got to watch a movie together.

23. Bath time for B was unusually exciting. Daddy brought in the guitar and we had a family silly song sing-a-long. Yeah, we are weird.

24. I beat Jared in darts tonight 😉 ohhhh yeahhh

25. My close friend has had some amazing love stories from God in the past year.

26. God see’s us exactly where we are at. He hears our hearts cry and won’t disappoint.

27. This season in my life is unusually unpredictable and it’s exciting because of that.

28. My life is wonderful.



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