~Day Seventeen

My day. Oh, my day. When I started my morning I had no clue what the day held. Yet I quickly found out that my day had given me the fine opportunity to climb one step higher in the corporate ladder of motherhood by being inducted into the vomit hall of fame. Yep. It only takes one time to make your new car smell like curdled milk. By the end of this day I I had hosed down a car seat, lysol’d a car, and took care of a precious baby girl.
I thank the Lord for giving me privilege of writing this 10,000 reasons blog. It has already changed the way my heart reacts to different things in life. Throughout my day, I was continually thanking my Lord for giving me the gift of Brooklyn. She’s a sick little girl right now and I hate seeing her sick. Yet even when she is sick, I am beyond grateful to have her beside me in life.

My 27 Thanks~

1. I woke up early today got a lot done around the house.

2. My new keurig cups work great! Thanks mom!

3. I get to make coffee for a hard working man.

4. We were out of eggs for B but we had pancake leftovers that I forgot about! Brooklyn for sure liked those over the eggs. 🙂 Breakfast is her favorite meal!

5. She cuddled with me in the rocker this morning. She normally is up and ready to hit the day right when she wakes up.

6. Brooklyn gets so excited when she gets a new pair of shoes. She saw her box of new shoes and kept saying “oh wow! Ooo. Shoes!”

7. My in-laws got home today!

8. They made it back safely.

9. I’m glad the song “Here in Your Presence” was created.

10. Our God is wonderful.

11. Our God is beautiful.

12. Our God is glorious.

13. My Brooklyn bear may not feel the best but she sure has a good attitude about it.

14. We think we got most of the smell out of the car 🙂

15. I had time to do some work on the lawn.

16. I found 6 large bags of good mulch for $6!! The guy at Lowes cut me a huge deal bc the bags were open. I was so glad God worked that one out for me.

17. Jared has a great potential client meeting setup. Prayers appreciated!

18. Apparently it’s national dog day. So happy national dog day to my dog, Frisco! He is a really great dog.

19. Ginger is suppose to have Austin tonight!! Yay!!

20. My friend Laura is suppose to have her son tonight too! Some great boys are coming into the world tonight or tomorrow!

21. The Lord worked out some pretty cool opportunities for my in-laws to experience some neat things in great timing on their vacation.

22. I’ve had more sports equipment come in for our new sermon series coming up!

23. We got the little red wagon delivered to our house for B! We’ve been wanting one at our house for a long time.

24. I got more projects done around my house.

25. My 10 year high school reunion is coming up and we are planning a great tailgate for the football game.

26. Jenks High School… Bc it’s the best!! 😉

27. Youth Pastors. Because they help bring true answers to our teenage girls about the importance of leading a life sold out to Christ, not to our crazy messed up world.



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