We Are Kids ~Day Fifteen

Whether you want to admit it or not, I think we all have a small part inside of us that still acts like a kid sometimes. For a few lost souls, acting like a child hasn’t left your body even now at the ripe age of 47. But for most of us, we all act our age or “mature” for our age. We have to act proper when we are in public. We have to be responsible and make wise decisions. But at some point, at some place, there are those moments in life when that little kid inside of us comes out. It could be when you go to a baseball game. It could be when you go to your favorite bands concert. It may be when you are around that one certain friend. ( You are probably thinking of that friend right now in your head and smiling oh so happily)

For me, one of the many reasons I married Jared is because he is not embarrassed to act like a kid with me. We choose to not take life so seriously all the time. If we want to go paint ceramic robots, by george we will do it!! If we want to play catch in the backyard, we will do it! When we build sand castles at the beach, we are determined to make ours better than the 6yr old next to us.

Life is short. It’s not about the people that we think we need to impress. It’s about enjoying the life Christ has given us and seeing life through a child’s eyes sometimes. Not holding anything back and leaping into an exciting journey He has for us with arms wide open.

My 27 Thanks ~

1. The dog we happen to be dog sitting ( my in-laws dog) escaped today. I’m glad we caught her for her owners sake (Teresa). My father in law would have paid me money to NOT catch that dog. I’m not that hard up for money. Yet.

2. My dog isn’t a runner.

3. Football has begun!!!!

4. I am getting a ton of projects done around the house!

5. Im finding time to work on a long awaited project

6. We had an awesome time with my mom this week!

7. Mom made it back safely to her home.

8. Airplanes because they make a trip for my mom a whole lot faster than driving!

9. I got to see my nana again. You never know when it could be your last day to spend with elderly grandparents.

10. I got to hang out on the hammock with Jared while B took a nap.

11. Frisco, our awesome dog, is so good with baby girl. She likes to grab his tail and he just plays with her as she giggles about it.

12. Our sculptures that we painted turned out pretty stink cute!

13. Jared’s robot gave us some pretty good laughs… As cute as it is 🙂

14. B and I got to hang out with my girl Lesley and her fam.

15. We got to go swimming.

16. Lesley’s dad cooked out for us.

17. B is making friends with my childhood friends kids. Coming full circle.

18. Brooklyn is an excellent Seeker in Hide & Go Seek.

19. I am thankful for Godly men who step up when a child’s dad isn’t always there for them.

20. Jared is preaching tomorrow!

21. Jared had some good quiet time to prepare for tomorrow.

22. The women who encourage me.

23. Those who have gone before me in ministry and helped paved the way for me to do what I do.

24. Tomorrow is church!

25. We have great volunteers with friendly faces at our church.

26. Ginger is going to have her baby anytime now!

27. Jared sings silly songs with B.




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