~Day Fourteen

My 28 Thanks~

1. We all got to sleep in a little this morning.

2. B and I got to go to the donut shop today with daddy and nana.

3. We all had delicious donuts and milk.

4. Mom and I got to go to another antique store with my B and my aunt Deb.

5. We found some good deals on cheap items.

6. My aunt Deb found a great deal on a cute table.

7. I got to donate items to my aunts mission trip.

8. Those items will be given to women who need a little sunshine in their life.

9. These items will help make them feel pretty.

10. My aunts missions team will go beyond making these women feel beautiful on the outside, but also beautiful on the inside.

11. Brooklyn cuddled with me this morning.

12. Our dog Frisco rocks.

13. We got some more fish for B’s fish tank. Their names are Jake and Sophia the First. For those who don’t catch the character names….. Those names are from cartoon characters on Disney.

14. Doc and Buzz. They are our other two fish. B got them on her first bday. She loves having a pet in her room with her.

15. Mason jars. I love to drink sweet tea, lemonade and coca-cola out of them.

16. My mom. It has been so great having her here this week. It has flown by.

17. My baby girl loves her nana.

18. Nana loves her baby girl.

19. My mom has been a big help around the house. Thanks mom!

20. We have some awesome family.

21. My families health. We have recently had some bad reports from friends on their health and it makes me that much more grateful.

22. My husbands health. God sees our circumstance and protects him.

23. Nana and B ate their homemade popsicles tonight and they were pretty tasty.

24. We got to relax today.

25. Straws. They help keep my teeth cleaner 🙂

26. I had a friend give me good support towards my blog.

27. I am a child of the King.

28. My family belongs to the King.



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