~ Day Thirteen

My 27 Thanks~

1. I had a great conversation with a good friend.

2. A close friend started her own blog today. She is going to do a great job with it.

3. When I got to work today I had a wonderful note waiting on me at my desk from Jared.

4. Jared is thoughtful.

5. Jared speaks loving words over me.

6. Jared believes in me.

7. Jared speaks life over my dreams.

8. Jared encourages me.

9. “Just Because” notes.

10. A friend gave me some good recipe ideas.

11. A close friend is rediscovering what love looks like from the Lord.

12. I got a text from my close friend and college roomate who lives far far away as a misssionary. I am amazed by technology and how we can communicate with one another.

13. Technology. It’s not always used for evil in this world.

14. Made plans to hang out this weekend with my friend Lesley and her family.

15. Had a good conversation with my Women’s Ministry Director, Wanda.

16. Wanda and I are brainstorming about next years Women’s Conference and how we can make it even better!

17. The opportunity to go to different women’s conferences. I love how I get to learn from each one.

18. Godly Leadership in young generations.

19. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. In doses, it is a great source of smiles for little B.

20. I got to hang out with my step-sister, Julie.

21. God has blessed her with a new house that she is building. Very pretty.

22. We all went to Purple Glaze. You get to pick out what you want to paint and then, obviously, paint it. We love going there.

23. I love that Jared likes to go there with me. He always makes me laugh with his creations. tonight he made Geo, the robot.

24. The laughs we walk away with from going there.

25. Brooklyn got in great naps today.

26. I found some awesome Tom’s for B that were half off! We love Toms shoes.

27. I love how my God loves me.



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