~Day Twelve

My 28 Thanks~

1. I am wanted by an amazing God.

2. I love that my husband is a musician. That was a requirement on my “requirements for my husband” list.

3. I found a giant measuring board for our wall. It’s so I can keep track of little B’s growth. I’ve been wanting one for a long time now. Plus it was a great price!

4. Got to spend some time with my nana again.

5. Found some great antique decor for my laundry room.

6. Mom and I went into a new antique store and they greeted us with a wonderful spread of food and lemonade.

7. Food. It’s just wonderful.

8. Macaroons. I ate some delicious ones.

9. I took the day off today from work.

10. Spending time with my mom.

11. Jared received great news about a client meeting.

12. Gods favor.

13. A prayer request from a friend was answered.

14. I look forward to the direction God is taking us, even if I can’t see what is ahead.

15. I got to put a smile on someone’s face who has a hurting heart right now.

16. I got to help my nana with some things she needed.

17. Our new car was hit in the back but thankfully there was no damage.

18. Brooklyn slept through the night. She’s been waking up with what seems like bad dreams 😦

19. There was a beautiful sunset tonight.

20. I’m so proud of my husband.

21. Brooklyn, mom and I got to make lemonade popsicles.

22. We get to eat the yummy popsicles 🙂

23. My close friend Audra and her spouse are in safety overseas.

24. That same close friend has a great heart for the missions field.

25. My close friend Charity’s dad made it out safely from a quadruple bypass surgery.

26. Warm towels. I love getting them fresh out of the dryer. So fresh and so clean.

27. Proverbs 3:5-6. It’s my favorite scripture.

28. Gods promises to make my path a great one.



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