Being Bold~ Day Eleven

Im not the type to do something that I know has the potential of making me feel embarrassed. Some people couldn’t give two hoots about what people may think of them if they decided to dance in the middle of a shopping mall. Give me a chance to do a flashmob, and I am all about that. But stepping out on my own, by myself, to do a task that could embarrass me….. that’s a bit of a struggle.

So I had an experience today that took a little bit of boldness. Jared and I went to hear Dara Maclean in Tulsa. All day I felt like I was suppose to give her something but knew I would feel like a big baboon if I did it. It was one of those moments where God was saying ” step out in faith. “. And it was one of those moment where I said “you’ve got to be kidding me”. But of course, He wasn’t kidding around. So I got together what I felt I was suppose to give her and proceeded to go on my date to see Dara with my hot hubbie.
When I arrived at the concert, I was calm, cool and collected. I was ready to hear some great music and talk to Dara afterwards. But then the “afterwards” had arrived and I was doing the two-step in the grass, the one where you are one step forward and two steps back from doing what you are suppose to do. But I talked it out with Jared because he is always a great cheerleader for me. It wasn’t that I was nervous to meet her, it was that I didn’t want to feel like a complete idiot when I talked to her about what was on my heart.
As I approached her she eased my uneasiness by saying “Do I know you guys!?” It opened up the conversation for a great discussion. That discussion eventually led to what I wanted to tell/give her. I just asked the Lord to give me boldness and as always, He came through. She and I talked for several minutes. We talked about ministry and our hearts desires. It was a great conversation. I kept reminding myself of this: “Fear is temporary, Regret is permanent.” In the end, I didn’t regret my decision to follow through with my heart. I gained a great conversation from one kingdom worker to another.

My 27 Thanks~

1. Boldness given by the Lord

2. Gods intentions are always good.

3. Gods intentions have a purpose.

4. I got to hear Dara Maclean.

5. I had a great conversation with Dara.

6. It was date night with my hubby!

7. We got to use a coupon for a buy one get one at a favorite restaurant.

8. We got to hang out with friends.

9. Jared helped me out with a work project.

10. I got a cute new shirt!

11. A friend contacted me for prayer. I am thankful to be a prayer support for people.

12. I got to worship my God outdoors. I love to sing outside to the Lord.

13. I some new shoes for free!

14. I got to eat a very delicious hamburger and sweet potato fries.

15. People gave their heart to The Lord tonight.

16. Heaven is having a party because of the lives that have been changed. I can’t wait to be a part of that party some day.

17. It was great weather for an outdoor concert.

18. I got to drive by my old house. I love to think back on good memories.

19. Jared and I drove around looking at houses and talking about our future dream house.

20. We have almost completed out game room/guest room. It’s been a long time coming.

21. Jared made some good contacts for business today.

22. Jared and I had a great conversation about our dreams and goals in life. I love those conversations.

23. I love the way Jared supports me in my dreams.

24. We found some awesome cowgirl boots for mom! Yee-haw!

25. Mom took care of B while I was at work.

26. I have some fun ideas stirring for next years women’s convention!

27. I love how God loves me 🙂



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