Antiques ~ Day Ten

A little fact about me… I LOVE to go antique shopping. I am blessed to have married a man who likes to go antique shopping too. If we could build a giant hobby around antiques and become the next American Pickers, we would totally do it. There’s just something about finding an old piece of something, and turning it into new for us. An old coffee can could be one mans piece of junk but to another person it could be just the item they were searching for to complete their kitchen motif. You can turn an old washboard into a great wall decoration for your laundry room. A naked one armed cowboy manican with a guitar, cow chaps and a shawl wrapped around his neck…. ok, that one was just plain weird when I saw it but had to share it with you. It’s not everyday a person gets to see that kind of thing. (Picture below, for you to get an accurate picture)
Jared and I get so much fun out of a Saturday antique shopping day. Most the time, we never actually buy anything. But I think part of the reason we do it is because we like to dream. We like to dream about the day that we will have a house large enough to accommodate the awesome plans we have for our different rooms. Each room will have it’s flair of vintage. Those antiques tell a story. Those old items are made new again. It’s a new day and they have been given a second chance. I love how my God gives me a second chance too.

My 28 Thanks~

1. I got to sleep a little extra this morning because my mom took care of B when she woke up.

2. My mom bought us cool new coffee cups for our Keurig. Now I can add any type of coffee grounds to it. MMMM… Starbucks blonde roast.

3. I got some good work accomplished at the office.

4. Acts Of Love that our church people are performing for a family that had a loved one pass away.

5. I got to have a tea luncheon with my mom, aunt, and little B.

6. We all had a great time at the lunch.

7. B slept through 3/4 of the lunch. She woke up in time for dessert.

8. No china cups were broken.

9. All of us ladies had some good laughs.

10. The food was pretty good.

11. We got to visit with my nana.

12. Mom and I did some great antique shopping.

13. I found a funny old book for the guest bath. It’s title….. “Little Toot”. heehee.

14. The book was well worth the $1.50.

15. We had a nice walk around downtown Jenks.

16. I had my mind set on the idea of buying B a particular Christmas present. Yet it was more than I wanted to spend. I found that item 75% off the regular price today. I was super excited!

17. Mom got B some great B-day and Christmas presents. I will definitely be playing with them.

18. I found another great item that I have been wanting to get. It was cuter and cheaper than I expected to find. I love how God cares about those little things with us.

19. Mom and I had some good laughs today.

20. Jared is back to work this week in the same city as me. I don’t like it when he is gone.

21. Brooklyn did really well with a full day of shopping.

22. I had time to do some minor improvements to the house.

23. I’m reading a book called “You’re Already Amazing” by Holley Gerth. I am enjoying it.

24. I’m experiencing what it’s like to truly listen for Gods voice and know that voice more. I’m in love with that.

25. Jared got to hang out with his guy friends tonight. He has some great friends.

26. I found some good clearance items for B’s Christmas stocking. I am a total money saver and LOVE finding good deals on things I need to get.

27. I had some great compliments given to me. Never doubt the power of saying something positive. It could turn a persons perspective away from giving up.

28. I was asked to do family pictures for friends. I am always honored to take pictures for people.




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