Free~ Day Nine

You tell me, I’ve been made free.
You’ve given me, everything I need to walk in my dreams.
You whisper words that free my soul,
You’re the reason I have hope
You’re everything and more, you’ve made me free.

These lyrics remind me that I am FREE. I am free from fear. I am free from doubt. I am free from negativity. My God has big plans for me. I just have to believe it.

My 27 Thanks ~

1. I had a good nights sleep.

2. My cup of coffee tasted extra great today.

3. I got an invite to a very special little boys one year old birthday party. Satan thought he could take this little boys life from us when he was 2 weeks old but we knew better because of the great God we serve. It is a pleasure to celebrate Ashton’s life with him and his family.

4. Ashton is strong and amazing doctors with his progress.

5. My God is a healer.

6. God is the best comforter in the hardest times in life.

7. We had good worship this morning.

8. Pastor Steve preached a great message.

9. Even though Pastor was not at church today, the services went smooth.

10. Pastor Steve’s message spoke to my heart.

11. Fear has no room in my heart.

12. God has great plans for my life.

13. I have big dreams.

14. I have been given opportunities to use my passions.

15. I love worship time! It’s my favorite.

16. My mom flew in today!

17. She arrived safely.

18. Brooklyn got to play on a slide while we waited for Nana’s plane to arrive.

19. Glad the airport has a play place for busy toddlers!

20. We all get to spend good time with my mom this week.

21. I got to vacuum! Ok, I know most of you are thinking “you’re thankful for that?!”… Yes I am because when you have a toddler who is scared of the vacuum and a busy schedule, it is hard to fit that in! But I promise my floors aren’t gross 🙂

22. Our aunt and uncle took us out to eat with the family.

23. Our Uncle Gene and Aunt Donna are a blessing to us.

24. Baby girl slept through the entire lunch, which meant I got to eat HOT food!

25. We got to watch a funny movie tonight after church with my mom.

26. Dara Maclean. I absolutely love her songs and voice.

27. Dara Macleans song “Free”. It is my life song right now.


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