~Day Eight

My 28 Thanks~

1. I had a great start to my day.

2. I got to dress up today which doesn’t happen much anymore. I’m doing good to put makeup on!

3. Went to Guts Girls event and it was AAAmazing!!

4. I was treated to a NYC theme party. “New Yoooork! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do! Now you’re in New York!” (Here is where you can insert your ghetto dance moves….)

5. Chinatown, Broadway, Fashion Row, Central Park. It gave me a brief moment of feeling like I was actually in New York!

6. Auntie Ann pretzels, egg rolls, ice cream, hot dogs, pizza, candy bar, lattes, cupcakes…. It sounds like a job for Pepto-Bismol, but oh my word, it was all so wonderful! I may be paying for that later tonight.

7. Lisa Bevere!! So blessed to have the opportunity to hear a great woman I respect.

8. My dreams and passions were stirred.

9. I went alone to the event but I met a nice pastors wife who I had the pleasure to sit next to.

10. I got some good ideas for the conferences I help run.

11. Jared helped clean the guest bedroom and watched B while I was at my event.

12. Seeing Brooklyn’s excited smile when I brought home her first rainbow sucker.

13. B loved the sucker. So much that she shared it with the dog. I need to start clarifying WHO we share with.

14. Jared and I got the guest room decor up. It’s been a really long time coming.

15. We had to lower B’s crib, which means she’s growing like she should.

16. Time spent with family.

17. My aunt Brenna’s chocolate cake. I’m not a cake fan, but her cake makes me say “oh baby”.

18. My cousin Jamie. She is leaving soon to go overseas for the Air Guard. I know the Lord will keep her safe.

19. Great backyards. The kids love my uncles backyard.

20. My friend Lesley. She’s one of those friends that I may not talk to for a while big when we reconnect its like no time as passed at all. We’ve known each other since birth.

21. Lesley and I have a similar passion. I am so grateful for someone to share my passion with and that other person “gets it” bc that’s their hearts desire too.

22. Mosquito repellant. Those bugs are as annoying as a kid in the cereal aisle.

23. My clean laundry. Smells so good.

24. My mom is coming to visit tomorrow!

25. My best friend Kristin S sent me an awesome idea for a Halloween costume for B and E. Can’t wait!

26. I got to hang out with my cousin Joe.

27. I got to talk to my cousin Brad on the phone.

28. I was feeling sick but I prayed and a lot of that sickness has gone! Praise the Lord!



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