I Like Big Hugs & I Can Not Lie~ Day Five

So today was one of those crazy days where you have tiny little people running around, screaming their heads off, all while you are trying to do really important things. One of those tiny little people would be my daughter. It was a day where all she wanted was mommy. My day was filled with running errands for work and for personal stuff. We had a young adult dinner to plan, cook and serve…. we had a baby shower to buy stuff for…. we had kids to take care of….we had work that needed to be done. But for a 1.5 year old, none of that mattered. All that mattered today in my little girls world was that she was in mommy’s arms. And as crazy as the day was, this is what I remember the most…. Brooklyn’s big bear hugs. She would wrap her arms around my neck and give me the most sincere, loving hugs that could make all the craziness go away. She didn’t have an agenda, and she didn’t care that I made her cry because I couldn’t pick her up while I was serving potatoes in the food line. All she wanted to do was give me the best hug I would receive all day. She’s a pretty cool kid.

My 28 Thanks~

1. Brooklyn loves me for me.

2. I have been given the privilege to be Brooklyn’s mom.

3. Brooklyn doesn’t hold anything against me.

4. I get to receive hugs from the most precious little girl.

5. I get to receive the most precious kisses from my little girl.

6. I have some pretty awesome young adult leaders at the church. I am so thankful that they are a part of the Harvest Church team. They bring so much to the group by taking time out of their schedule to minister to others. They are doing a great job.

7. Shopping carts. They make my life easier in Sams and they have seats for kids to sit in.

8. Funds to have a church van. It makes a trip with three babies, two adults, and a load of food easier.

9. One of the babies dropped his pacifier on the ground at Sams. Because of that, it made me see that I had dropped my Sams card on the ground.

10. The in-laws went to the Pez Museum. I get a new Rangers Pez for my future game room because of that. It’s the little things.

11. I received a sweet card from a friend today who was just thinking of me.

12. I received a sweet phone call from Jared’s grandma. She is so thoughtful.

13. I received a kind text from Jared’s aunt today. She has a good heart.

14. My friend, Rita, from church, made me laundry detergent! Pretty excited about that.

15. We had a great turn out for our Young Adults dinner tonight.

16. We have fun together on Young Adult dinner nights. It gives us a chance to hang out more.

17. We had an excellent class tonight. It’s great to see how God is moving in lives.

18. Hearing Gods voice.

19. Dr.Pepper. Ok, ok, it’s not healthy but it sure is good!

20. The guts to kill a spider on my wall today. I HATE spiders. Hate them.

21. There is still water in the river through Tulsa. If you are from around here, you understand.

22. My office got pranked today. I’m not so much thankful for that, but thankful for the “comradery” between us as a staff. And they will be getting theirs. Oh yes… it will come back to them.

23. My awesome brain that thinks up retaliation on Steve Allen and Jeff Hurwitz. I have great ideas.

24. I had a fun Skype session with my mom tonight. That’s always fun.

25. Patience amidst the chaos today.

26. I got the opportunity to minister to someone today.

27. I had an individual talk to me about volunteering at the church. The church can’t accomplish it’s task without volunteers.

28. For these sweet babies… they are a gift from God:



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