Day Six

My 28 Thanks~

1. There was a cool breeze on my way to work.

2. Leftover baked potatoes from the young adult dinner. It gave B and me lunch for today.

3. Butter.

4. Cheese.

5. Ms. Ruth and Ms. Glenda’s desserts. They were kind enough to bring us some.

6. This morning Brooklyn hung out beside me in bed for a while.

7. Puppy. It is Brooklyn’s favorite stuffed animal.

8. She likes to rub puppy’s tail on her nose for comfort. This morning she was rubbing it on my nose while I was trying to sleep. She was sharing her favorite item of comfort.

9. Brooklyn was extra patient this morning while I was making her breakfast.

10. I got to talk to a good friend via email.

11. Extra time to do house work.

12. Cleaned out my closet shelves.

13. Get to give away shoes.

14. Someone gave me shoes that have hardly been worn!

15. I found some items that I thought I had lost. Guess I should clean my closet more often.

16. I get a nice gift delivered to my house tomorrow!

17. Because I have been blessed with a great gift, I get to bless someone in return.

18. God’s provisions.

19. God sticks by me always, even when I’m distant.

20. A song came on today that I loved as a child. Anyone heard the Elephant Show Song? Skinamirinkidink??

21. Brooklyn loved the song as much as I did.

22. Bedtime giggles.

23. We held a baby shower for one of our young adult families. It went really well.

24. Baby Austin was blessed with some great gifts!

25. Baby Austin. God has a great plan for him.

26. Ginger and Kyle. They are great and funny people.

27. The skills to type this all out with one hand because I’m holding B.

28. B reallly likes the dog cage. I think she thinks its a fort.



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