Hammocks~ Day Four

No, you’re not crazy. Yes, I realize Day Three is missing. I completed Day Three blog and then I magically deleted it. Crazy, I know. And it was a really good one too. Oh well, I said my thanks and that’s what matters. I’m sure God read it before it was deleted 😉

You know what I love? Hammocks. I LOVE hammocks. I don’t simply like them. I have a connection with them. It started when I was in college. I spent many summer nights hanging out with close friends on a hammock from my home church in Broken Arrow. My friend Travis had a sweet hammock that could fit what seemed like all the neighborhood kids on it. We all crowded onto that hammock and laughed the night away. I also had a hammock in college that my friend Shanna and I would chill out on. We would set it up in the middle of the field in front of Collins dorm. It was so relaxing. Some great conversations happened on that hammock.

Now, I have my very own hammock. It may not seem that cool to you, but in my cool mind, it is a device that brings happy moments. Today, I got to relax in that hammock with my baby girl. She thinks it’s so funny to watch me get into it. It actually is kinda funny. Just picture this white girl trying to steady a flying carpet with a giant giggling, squirming bag of flour. It’s not that easy. None the less, we finally get into it and make forever memories.

My 27 Thanks~

1. My awesome hammock.

2. The beautiful weather today that is very uncommon in August.

3. I got to spend time with Brooklyn in the hammock.

4. I got to draw pictures with chalk on the back porch with B. I love to draw.

5. Brooklyn and I got to make glo fairies. Just look it up on Pinterest if you are thinking “huh?”

6. I had time to clean out Brooklyn’s nasty fish tank. She has two fish, Buzz & Doc.

7. Buzz & Doc. They make a great night light for my Baby girl.

8. I received a really great uplifting message from a friend today.

9. People who aren’t afraid to share a positive word with others.

10. A friend brought me donuts. MmMmMm….

11. Jared has had a great week of meetings so far, and it’s not even over with yet!

12. Brooklyn is starting to sing. I love to hear her voice.

13. Watching Brooklyn raise her hands to praise Jesus. It’s never to soon to begin teaching a child about worship for our God.

14. Gods peace when I am outdoors.

15. Laying in a hammock and resting. Even if it’s just for a minute.

16. The one minute that B gave me to close my eyes and relax in the hammock.

17. The trees. I love to see them dance.

18. Pinterest. It gives me so many fun ideas.

19. Good friends who let my husband crash with them while Jared is out of town.

20. The Word of God.

21. God forgives me, even when I don’t deserve it.

22. Patience. You have to ask for a lot more once you have a kiddo.

23. The cards that I found tonight from my husband. They may be from a year ago, but I love reading them again.

24. Jared is great with words. He knows just what to say to me.

25. Had a good conversation with my grandma. She has fun with life.

26. My in-laws made it safely to their spot of vacation. They are going to have fun.

27. Phone cameras… they help me capture moments like these in my hammock:



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